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Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program Balancing Resource Use and Conservation

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Steering Committee


Reclamation, as the implementing agency, prepares an Implementation Report, Work Plan and Budget, and Accomplishment Report (Work Plan) each year for review by the Steering Committee. A draft Work Plan is presented to the Steering Committee at the April Steering Committee meeting and is approved at the June Steering Committee meeting for work to be undertaken starting in October (beginning of new fiscal year).

The Work Plan for the LCR MSCP provides an overview of program implementation to date including financial contributions and program costs. The Work Plan also reports on how the program is meeting compliance measures.

Included in the Work Plan is a description of work to be accomplished during the year. Work Tasks outline the purpose of the task, the conservation measure associated with the work, long-term goals, location, cost estimates, and a project description. They also offer details on what work is being completed and how that work furthers implementation of the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP).

Work Tasks and their associated Technical Reports are divided into the following categories:

  • Program Administration
  • Fish Augmentation
  • Species Research
  • System Monitoring
  • Conservation Area Development and Management
  • Post-Development Monitoring
  • Adaptive Management Program
  • Existing Habitat Maintenance
  • Public Outreach

You can find reports at the following links:

Updated January 7, 2020