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Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program Balancing Resource Use and Conservation

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Steering Committee


The Steering Committee is divided into seven Participant Groups. You can find the current membership within each participant group at these links.

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Federal Participant Groups  
Bureau of Indian Affairs  
Bureau of Land Management  
Bureau of Reclamation  
National Park Service  
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  
Western Area Power Administration  
Arizona Participant Groups  
Arizona Department of Water Resources  
Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.  
Arizona Game and Fish Department  
Arizona Power Authority  
Central Arizona Water Conservation District  
Cibola Valley Irrigation and Drainage District  
City of Bullhead City  
City of Lake Havasu City  
City of Mesa  
City of Somerton  
City of Yuma  
Electrical District No. 3, Pinal County, Arizona  
Golden Shores Water Conservation District  
Mohave County Water Authority  
Mohave Valley Irrigation and Drainage District  
Mohave Water Conservation District  
North Gila Valley Irrigation and Drainage District  
Town of Fredonia  
Town of Thatcher  
Town of Wickenburg  
Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District  
Unit "B" Irrigation and Drainage District  
Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation and Drainage District  
Yuma County Water Users' Association  
Yuma Irrigation District  
Yuma Mesa Irrigation and Drainage District  
California Participant Groups  
Bard Water District  
California Department of Fish and Wildlife  
City of Needles  
Coachella Valley Water District  
Colorado River Board of California  
Imperial Irrigation District  
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power  
The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California  
Palo Verde Irrigation District  
San Diego County Water Authority  
Southern California Edison Company  
Southern California Public Power Authority  
Nevada Participant Groups  
Basic Water Company  
Colorado River Commission of Nevada  
Colorado River Commission Power Users  
Nevada Department of Wildlife  
Southern Nevada Water Authority  
Native American Participant Groups  
Chemehuevi Indian Tribe  
Colorado River Indian Tribes  
Hualapai Tribe  
Conservation Participant Groups  
Ducks Unlimited  
Lower Colorado River RC&D Area, Inc.  
The Nature Conservancy  
Other Interested Parties Participant Groups  
Desert Wildlife Unlimited  
QuadState County Government Coalition  

There are no restrictions on the number of members within each of the participant groups. The Steering Committee currently consists of 57 members. Find a list of current voting members here.

The Steering Committee is run by a chair and vice-chair that are elected each year. The current chair is Perri Benemelis from the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District, and the vice-chair is Jayne Harkins from the Colorado River Commission. The Steering Committee makes most of its decisions by consensus, but the by-laws provide for voting and dispute resolution.

Any interested public or private entity may apply for membership on the Steering Committee by submitting a letter of interest to the Steering Committee Chair. Requirements for membership are listed in section 2.2 and 2.3 of the by-laws.

The By-Laws, found at this link, outline committee structure, membership criteria, roles and authority, voting procedures, dispute resolution, meeting criteria, and election of officers.
Funding and Management Agreement
The Funding and Management Agreement, found at this link, outlines the management and implementation of the program, cost share and financing, and assurances and commitment.

Updated September 13, 2018