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Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program Balancing Resource Use and Conservation

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Steering Committee


The programs' estimated cost in 2003 dollars is $626 million and is annually adjusted for inflation ($903 million in 2019 dollars). The Federal Government pays 50 percent of the program's costs. The participants in the states of Arizona, California, and Nevada pay the remaining 50 percent, with California paying one-half of the non-Federal total, and Arizona and Nevada each paying one-quarter of the non-Federal total. More information on program funding can be found in the Funding and Management Agreement at this link.

More than $332 million has been expended during the first fourteen years of program implementation. This includes $24.4 million for fish augmentation, $102.7 million for research and monitoring, and adaptive management, $22.8 million for securing land and water, and $124.7 million for habitat development.

For more details, see the Annual Work Plans.

Funding Pie Chart

Updated December 19, 2019